2024 is YOUR year to get healthy
Time for a Kick-start before summer arrives 

Our 60 day program is your gateway to not just feeling better, but thriving. 

If you realize that true health does not come in a bottle...

If you are ready for a transformation that reshapes your lifestyle from the inside out... 

With unparalleled support and mentorship, we will guide you through a real lifestyle change, 
ensuring this spring marks the beginning of your revitalized journey. Join us now



2024 Healthy Foundations Kick-Start
60 days of focused attention to your health: mind, body & spirit.

IN-DEPTH KNOWLEDGE: Delve into the science of nutrition, understanding how different foods fuel your body 
and how to optimize your diet for your unique needs.
PRACTICAL SKILLS: Move beyond theory with hands-on lessons that teach you how to translate 
nutritional knowledge into everyday healthy eating habits.
LIFELONG EMPOWERMENT: Gain the confidence to make informed nutritional choices in any situation, 
ensuring a sustained commitment to your health.


  In person work with our wellness team for body work (chiropractic, acupuncture or myofascial release).

  In person work with our coaching & counseling team, here to keep you inspired...even through the challenges.

✔ 60-day supplement regimen, meticulously crafted for those seeking a transformative health journey. 

✔ Online curriculum that walks you through every step of the process.

  Text and email support just a touch away.




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